10am - Arrived Bangkok
12pm - Arrived Bangkok City Hotel (Recommend)
1pm - 5pm - Hanging around Pratunam area ( Platinum Mall, Central World & Siam Paragon)
6pm-10pm - Mambo show ( 2shows + dinner 900bht/pax)
11pm - Go for foot massage ( 200bht/hour)

9pm- 6pm - Ayutthaya trip ( 1800bht/day for taxi only )
8pm - 10pm - Chinatown (T&K Seafood)
11pm-2am - Foot & Body massage (350bht/pax)

10am - 11pm - Bangkok International Motorshow 2011 @ IMPACT
12am -2am - KhaoSan Road ( I dun like this place, very noisy )

10am-7pm - Chaktuchak market ( Hotel free shuttle bus )
** Hotel help us to call taxi going to Samboon Restaurant, but driver sent us to SamboonDee... for that meal, we been charge 5614bht
** we plan to have drink in Sumkhuvit, then call taxi said go to there (we ask hotel ppls write on a paper)..then the driver said in Thai we dun understand, n sent us to Hollywood (Disco place) in Ratchada
** We go to outside and find another taxi, this driver lagi hebat..sent us to夜总会。。my husband already angry, and ask him just bring us to Sumkhuvit Soi 55 (previous note)

11pm-1am - we hanging around Sumkhuvit to have drinks..No mood and abit scared on the taxi driver.

D5 - 28.03.11
10am-1pm - At airport ~ Going back to Malaysia!

Total expenses : RM 1074 (flight ticket) + RM 2600 (money changes) = RM 3674 for 2 pax.

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  • Vivian Loh
  • welcome back....
    the trip sound good, except on their taxi driver lah....
    waiting for ur photo, ya!!!
  • Lee Anne
  • yaloh..except the driver this trip is good..
    Photos..upload tomorrow coz all in my laptop..
  • Valerie Ooi
  • waiting for your photos.
  • Stephanie Yap
  • Nice trip :) How was the weather? The last trip i went years ago hot like mad.. PENGSAN!!
  • Lee Anne
  • need to wait for another day...:P
  • Lee Anne
  • is windy..not so hot..
    the day before we go back, quite cold...
  • alicia ang
  • sound not bad ah, i like massage also, very cheap, but the taxi driver really bad lo, last time when i went there also face the same problem la, we want go to shopping, but they send us to the museum la, my boss super angry la, then didnt pay them la.
  • Hui Chen Goh
  • 哇。。。
  • Hui Chen Goh
  • i been there before...
  • Jessy 钱
  • 回来啦!我等埋你回来才放照片!哈哈哈
  • Lee Anne
  • 我们看到单子吓一跳!!
  • Lee Anne
  • 那边怎样的?? 我在门口看没什么人不敢进!!
  • Lee Anne
  • 哈哈~ 我也在上照片。。
  • Jessy 钱
  • 一起啦!哈哈!偷懒啊!
  • Lee Anne
  • haha~ 我现在霸着2台电脑,一台edit photos, 一台upload photos..
  • Hui Chen Goh
  • 里面很多辣妹在台上跳舞,周围都是小小的高台,也有辣妹跳舞的。 很煽情。。。好像每个星期的其中一天,会有全场不穿衣或bikini的表演。